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Buffalo Bill & Johnny ThundersThe mythical days of the "summer of love" in the S. Francisco of 1968 only left us a few things. One of the few groups of that time which still has its followers is the Grateful Dead which can rely upon a very high number of fans: the Dead Heads. Buffalo Bill belongs to them: listening to "Blues for Allah", he works on pieces of strong leather, forging them as he likes to create seat and other similar psychedelic things. You won't find such peculiar works at no other dealer, decorated items which refer to undisputed masters of psychedelic art such as the incredible Rick Griffin. "Cobra" seats reminding of California, leather bags which cannot but find their place on any lover's motorcycle; belts, suitcases, leather (or other) clothing, boots, various accessories and many more. Countless totally hand-made items which can be adapted to meet the needs of anyone and which will attract whoever considers "Easy Rider" as the cult movie always on show in his/her personal film library.

Articles about Buffalo bill, his motorcycle and his shop can be found in the following Italian magazines:

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Custom Machine n° 10 10/1999 / Bikers Life - 04/2001 / Motociclismo - Dicembre '96
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In memory of Johnny Thunders (1952-1991)
During the "Rockin'Umbria" yearly exhibition, in September 1988, Roberto Becchetti, alias Buffalo Bill, met one of the chief representative of US punk-rock, Johnny Thunders, inside his shop; he was impressed by the items and the typical US handicraft which were so familiar to him.






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Cobra Custom SPORTSTER 883-1200

Cobra Custom SPORTSTER 883-1200
4-mm thick leather two-seat with "double loop lacing"sewn. Fits Sportster from 1982 to 1994 and from 1995 to 2003. Various designs. Colours: Black / Olden Brown. Assembly needs the original fastenings . The price list is refered to seat made from leather dyed by the tannery production of color BLACK or BROWN. For hand colored seat OLDEN BROWN and OLDEN BORDEAUX add 20,00. Optional: Sewing Double Loop Lacing with colored thread RED ,ORANGE , ELECTRIC BLUE ,GREEN or WHITE + 10,00.

SAN DIEGO, California

SAN DIEGO, California

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