DAYTONA one-seat CUSTOM Media
[Design by Buffalo Bill]

Universal solo seat, fits any type of motorcycles.The seat is made of mm.4,00 thick top grain leather made in Italy, sewn with "double loop lacing" or machine sewn, the base of the saddle is built in iron by mm.3.00. Size: cm.25 x Cm. 32. Various designs. Colours: Black, Brown, Olden Brown, Olden Bordeaux and Vintage Leather. The price list is refered to seat made from leather dyed by the tannery production of color BLACK or BROWN. For hand colored seat OLDEN BROWN , OLDEN BORDEAUX and VINTAGE LEATHER add € 20.00. Optional: Sewing Double Loop Lacing with colored thread RED ,ORANGE , ELECTRIC BLUE, GREEN and WHITE € 10,00.
not engraved Sewing Machine
PRICE € 260,00
engraved sewing Machine
PRICE € 290,00
not engraved Sewing Double Loop Lacing
PRICE € 285,00
engraved Sewing Double Loop Lacing
PRICE € 315,00






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Buckle nickel finish fits to 4,00 cm.belt. Size cm. 8 x 7. Note: 4,00 mm. thick leather belt separately sold € 25,00(Mod.TAMPA). Colors: Black –Dark Brown – Light Brown.

USA + STURGIS 08-1993

On the road. Omaha,Nebraska

On the road. Omaha,Nebraska

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